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24 februari 2010

It’s been a cold winter. For two months the cold has not let go once. A couple of mornings it has been below -30 (celsius) again now and I have a car battery on charge tonight that I will put in before I take the kids to kindergarten tomorrow morning.
During the day it is nice, but I’ve been working in my workshop. So tonight I felt trapped and took a walk though it was -25 degrees outside. It was moonlight and starry and bright and beautiful. I ended up taking a shortcut across the fields on my way home. Pulsating thru the powdersnow I got up the heat and laid down in the middle of the field and actually felt really warm and comfortable. Then I walked the last bit home and sat for a while in the log hut that I have been working on sporadic. I can`t wait until it is finished, but tonight it felt almost like a shame to cover the walls.

Today I started my webshop where I sell my horses and shoe rack. I will fill up with clotheshangers etc. in a while. The address is I don´t have that many things in stock, so tomorrow I’ll take a tour and take material for shoe racks. I decided that when I was lying there in the snow.

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