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Take it to church.

19 november 2018

In each of the three small villages of Los, Hamra and Fågelsjö in the north-west region of Ljusdals county there is a church. They take turn having the church service, so the church is just used on one occasion every month.
In Hamra the church is the only public room. Hälsinglands museum, the regional museum of Hälsingland is trying to make things happen inside this room. This saturday was the ending of a photoexhibition by Peter Hoelstad. And craft was in the church. Me and birchbark maestro Karin Lundholm held workshops in birchbark and carving.
I placed the choppingblocks outside the church-porch, but the carving workshop was inside in the back of the church. Karin Lundholm had her workshop in the chancel. We also had a soup-lunch in the chancel.

I´m a really big fan of churches. I remember when I was snowboarding in Åre, and after I had tried to snowboard from the top of the mountain and as far down as I could, I skid to a stop at the main road going through the village and on into Norway, right infront of the old stone church in Åre. I stepped out of the board an went inside. My God what a church.
And I remember going in to the Santa Eulalia cathedral in Barcelona…

Hamra church is a wooden church, and maybe not as old and lavish as the two mentioned, but the room is still overwhelming and it is a really good idea to let other aspects of human life than just the religious be part of it. Because I think it gives a sense of blessing to those everyday chores like having soup and carving.
Oh if I could sit in a church and carve spoons someday! What a great thing that would be 🙂

ps. Most of my pictures were taken at the end of the day when things had calmed down. One of the really great things with the day was all the people! ds.

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