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Slöjd is a fool´s hope

18 november 2017


One thing I learned in the states is that there are places that are truly sacred. Where you can feel the energy of nature almost taking a physical form, becoming a person.

We were guided to a sacred place by someone who could prepare us for what we were about to meet. And I am wondering now that if we hadn´t been that – maybe I would not have seen it?

My relationship with nature is of a kind that I appreciate its beauty and I feel a serenity when I spend time outside. Yes, I can be with myself. But I never tried to make it something religious or spiritual.

How are we supposed to be with nature, to really see those sacred things? Or maybe even more to feel them… I am always aware now, that those places can be around me. And I am trying to blur out the boundaries between myself and other beings. Trying to see the small things, plants, spiders, birds as I would look on a person. Or see myself not as a person…

The spoons are taking me somewhere

Right now I love every spoon I make. Not that they are perfect or “the best one”. It is the way that they come into sight for me. It feels like I could stop anywhere in the process and the spoon would be finished. It is the way you would think that art feels.

Slöjd is a fool´s hope

It feels like I need to pause everything for a while. Just to breathe. That´s the constant feeling in this race. In the mornings, when I leave the kids at school, I see everyone struggle to adjust their lives to a rigid system of theoretics. Slöjd is a fool´s hope for me. Spooncarving has a logistic, almost the only one, that works in my every day life.

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