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17 januari 2013

I have put together a videoclip of me building a log hut. I have always had a fascination for the sami culture, the indeginous people of the northern scandinavia. My ancestors were sami people that became settlers in the early 1800, but I have no sami culture left in the family that have influenced me growing up or anything. I think my interest has got to do with both ethnography, an interest in the craft, the nomadic outdoor lifestyle of the sami people – and also a personal interest in my own history.
Well, this is a typical building for the sami people. They used them in the lower regions where they had timber to build with. In the mountains the buildings looked different.
But this is also a common sight on any homestead in the northern part of Sweden. When you travel around Lapland you see that people like to have a nice outdoor place to sit out by the fire and make some coffee, eat something and lie to each other.

ps. I´m hoping to get lots of views on this one! I will greatfully accept any suggestions from you readers how to become viral with craftvideos on Youtube! What do you think would attract viewers? ds.

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