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Class, working in birchbark.

7 juni 2010

On the 18,19 and 20 june I will be having a class in working with birchbark in Fågelsjö, a village in the Orsa Finnmark. The class is held every year, unless there are not enough participants. Fågelsjö is a beautiful and inspiring place for working with birchbark. With its history as a settlement for finnish immigrants the old folkmuseum has great objects made from birchbark. The technique we will mainly work with is sewing together whole pieces of birchbark with birchroot (flaknäver). The birchbark can be taken nearby when the sap is rising. Hence the time for the class to be held: the weekend before midsummer.
There are still places open.

Go here to sign up for the class or get more info about Fågelsjö:
all contactinformation etc is available in english and deutsch.

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