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Carving wood with children

30 september 2012

For the last month I have been working in a project with kids. Together with six other artists I have received over 2000 kids – all the kids in elementary school in the township of Bollnäs actually – to let them learn something about their cultural heritage and craft. This friday was the finish of the project. I have had around 10 kids/day for a period of 25 days in a workshop. Today was an exhibition where parents and relatives can come and look.

When I have had workshops with children before if has been for a shorter period of time. To have the opportunity to do this has given new thoughts about handicraft and working with children, for me. I have had reason to question what I do, and then do it differently. The strongest feeling after having done this is that carving is – most of all – a state of mind. It is a feeling. And the most important thing is not to teach that carving is a skill or how to make something. I just tried to make everyone feel good about themselves, and to carry that memory with them for a while. And if they ever had a doubt about themselves, later in life, they can just carve some wood.

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